System Requirements

What are the system requirements?

Updated Dynamic Lighting uses WebGL, which is available in most computer systems and is supported by all the web browsers that Roll20 supports (Chrome and Firefox). The Legacy Dynamic Lighting has always used WebGL, so the change here is that Explorer Mode (previously Advanced Fog of War) now runs on the same system.

WebGL leverages the power of your computer's graphics processor to make rendering much faster and smoother. 99.9% of Roll20 users already have WebGL enabled on their systems, and you can check whether it works for you simply by clicking this link. Because it's the same system that Legacy Dynamic Lighting always used, if you were able to use that feature before, you will be able to use it now.

If your system does not support WebGL, you will not be able to access the Updated Dynamic Lighting or its features. 

Please note that, while many web browsers support WebGL, Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers supported with this release. In addition, Updated Dynamic Lighting has not been tested on Table on Tablet.


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