Token Settings

Getting Started

Open up a Token's settings by double-clicking the Token, or by left-clicking it and selecting the Cogwheel from the context menu. From there, there will be a tab called Dynamic Lighting. Go ahead and click it to view the various lighting and vision settings. Each individual Token will need certain settings enabled to enact the light or vision scenario you are intending. For example, a Player Character Token will need some sort of change to their Token Vision settings, while a torch Token will need some Token Emits Light options enabled. Read about those options below so you can set up your Token appropriately.

Make sure that you also set a Token's "Controlled By" field (under the "Basic" tab) if you want your players to be able to move the Token and see what it sees.

Token Settings

Token Vision


1. Vision

If you want this Token to be able to see, turn on Vision. When a token has Vision, it can only see up to the edge of what is illuminated by light sources. 

2. Night Vision
Turning on Night Vision will allow your Token to see in total darkness, up to however many feet you specify. Once enabled, you can even adjust the color of your Nightvision using the Tint Color option, or add a cool sharpening of your Nightvision radius with the Sharpen Effect toggle.
3. Limit Field of Vision
This option limits your vision to an arc from the chosen center of a Token. This is perfect for those who want a more "realistic" depiction of vision where the Token can only see a limited field in front of them.

Token Emits Light


1. Bright Light

If you want the Token to emit a Bright Light up to a certain specified amount in feet, then enable this option. Bright Light on its own has a feathered "edge" starting at 1/2 of a grid cell before the edge of the Bright Light. 

2. Low Light
Turn on this option if you want your Token to emit a gentle, Low Light, up to a certain amount in feet. Low Light gradually fades out starting at its origin to the edge of its field.
3. Directional Light
This option limits the emitted light to a certain radial degree from the chosen center of a Token. This is perfect for certain light types that have a limited light cone, such as a bullseye lantern or a flashlight.
4. Total Light
This is a read-only field for displaying the total amount of light being emitted from a Token. Bright Light and Low Light are added together, with Bright Light taking precedence for which light radius starts from the Token first. For example, if you have 20 feet of Bright Light and 10 feet of Low Light, it will show the Bright Light radius first, then add the 10 feet of Low Light to the ending edge of the Bright Light radius. 

Advanced Settings


1. Light Multiplier

This option changes the effective radius of light as viewed by the Token. A setting of 200% will let the Token see light from twice it's set radius.

Is There a Guide to Common Settings? Do you have Lighting Setup Recommendations?

Absolutely! There is a guide to some common settings and lighting/vision setups available here.

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