Creating Barriers

Getting Started

Go ahead and navigate to the Layer category of the Toolbar and select Dynamic Lighting. This will switch you to the layer which is used for laying down lines and shapes that will serve as barriers and/or walls for blocking vision or lighting.


When you're ready, navigate to the Drawing category of the Toolbar and select either the Draw Shape or Polygon/Line option. From there, use either of the tools to draw outlines of all the walls, columns, doors, other pieces of the map that you want to block light or vision. To reiterate, anything drawn or placed on this layer will block lighting or vision for Tokens on that page. Pretty cool, huh?


  • We suggest using the Polygon Tool for the best results. Due to the performance hit associated with using it, the Freehand Tool is disabled while you are on the Dynamic Lighting layer.
  • You can utilize different color lines to help differentiate different types of light obstructions (ex. lime green for stationary dungeon walls and bright red for doors).
  • Remember that any drawings or tokens added to the dynamic lighting layer are invisible whenever the dynamic lighting layer is not selected. 
  • If you plan to block out a multi-room/complex map, it's recommended that you build the light-blocking with smaller individual lines. This makes it easier to select and move around the shapes you add to the layer.
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