How to Use the Convert Lighting Tool

Need to update an existing game with Updated Dynamic Lighting? Fret not! We've created a tool that converts your game's existing token and page settings to the Updated Dynamic Lighting system with the click of a few buttons.

This tool is still in testing and will only convert your pages and tokens to Updated Dynamic Lighting. As such, please proceed with caution. It is suggested that you make a copy of your game before running this tool.

Why do I need it?

Updated Dynamic Lighting is in active development and will eventually succeed the existing system, Legacy Dynamic Lighting, when it reaches feature parity. To make that process easier, we are providing users with a simple and effective tool for converting their games and a large window of time to make the switch before Legacy Dynamic Lighting is retired.

Legacy Dynamic Lighting and Updated Dynamic Lighting are built differently, and as such, they have different options, settings, and interfaces. This tool simply converts all of your options and settings from Legacy Dynamic Lighting to the corresponding choices in our Updated Dynamic Lighting system.

Please be aware, this tool will not transfer or convert explored areas or revealed portions of the map caused by Advanced Fog of War. You will have to re-explore these areas using the Updated Dynamic Lighting equivalent tool, Explorer Mode, or reveal these areas with the Hide/Reveal Tool.

How do I use it?

Navigate to the game details page for a game using the original Dynamic Lighting system and click on the Settings dropdown. From there, click on the button titled Convert Lighting to be directed to the conversion tool.


Once here, your game should feature a selection of items (tokens and pages) which can be converted to Updated Dynamic Lighting. Simply select the checkbox next to an item to mark it for conversion. If you want to select or deselect all of the items in the list, click the Select / Deselect All button at the top of the popup.


Want to convert all of the tokens within your Journal as well? Go ahead and select the Convert Journal Tokens button in the top right. Finally, when you're ready to proceed, click the Convert button at the bottom of the popup. A confirmation message will appear to let you know everything went smoothly.


You're now ready to go out and adventure with our Updated Dynamic Lighting system!

What is converted?

When you convert your game using the Convert Lighting Tool we check various settings within the pages and tokens to ensure we mirror the look from previously as best as possible. You can expand the sections below to see how we determine what settings are changed.

Token Settings

If "All Players See Light" is "Checked"

  • The token will emit Bright Light
  • If dim light is in use
    • Low light will be enabled
    • Low Light will be calculated to copy pre-converted settings
  • If Angle is in use
    • Directional Light will be enabled
    • The Directional Light value will be the same as Angle

If "All Players See Light" is "Not Checked"

  • Night Vision will be enabled
  • Night Vision radius will be the same as previous Light Radius

If "Has Sight" is "Checked"

  • Vision will be enabled
  • If Angle is in use
    • Limit Field of Vision will be enabled
    • The Limit Field of Vision Value will be the same as Angle
  • If Multiplier is in use (any value other than "1x"
    • Light Multiplier will be set to the equivalent percentile value

If "Advanced Fog of War Reveal Distance" has a value set

  • If All Players See Light is in use
    • Bright Light will be enabled
    • Bright Light value will be the same as Reveal Distance
  • If All Players See Light is NOT in use
    • Night Vision will be enabled
    • Night Vision value will be the same as Reveal Distance
Page Settings

Advanced Fog of War settings currently not converted

  • Show Grid
  • Dim Light Reveals
  • All Tokens Reveal

Dynamic Lighting Settings that are converted

  • Enforce Line of Sight
  • Only Update on Drop
  • Global Illumination
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