How to Use the Convert Lighting Tool

Need to switch your game from the Legacy Lighting system to our Updated Dynamic Lighting system? No worries, we've got you covered. We've created an easy-to-use tool that switches both your game's existing Token settings and Page settings to the Updated Dynamic Lighting system with the click of a few buttons.

Why do I need it?

We will be moving the whole platform to our Updated Dynamic Lighting system and will be sunsetting the existing system, Legacy Dynamic Lighting, so it will no longer be available. To make that process easier, we are providing users with a simple and effective tool for converting their games from the existing system to the new system, and a large window of time to make the switch-over before the existing system is removed.

What does this tool do?

Our Legacy Dynamic Lighting and Updated Dynamic Lighting systems differ between their various options, settings, and interfaces. This tool simply converts all of your options and settings from Legacy Dynamic Lighting to the corresponding choices in our Updated Dynamic Lighting system. This way, switching your game is as easy and as simple as possible.

Please be aware, this tool will not transfer or convert explored areas or revealed portions of the map caused by Advanced Fog of War. You will have to re-explore these areas using the Updated Dynamic Lighting equivalent tool, Explorer Mode, or reveal these areas with the Hide/Reveal Tool.

How do I use it?

Navigate to the game details page for a game that was using the Legacy Dynamic Lighting system and click on the Settings dropdown. From there, click on the button titled Convert Lighting to be directed to the conversion tool.


Once here, your game should feature a selection of items which can be converted to Updated Dynamic Lighting. Simply select the checkbox next to an item to mark it for conversion.


If you want to select or deselect all of the items in the list, click the Select / Deselect All button at the top of the popup. To convert all of the Tokens within your Journal tab as well (aka Default Tokens), go ahead and select the Convert Journal Tokens button at the top of the modal. Finally, when you're ready to proceed, click the Convert button at the bottom of the popup.


From there, you will be redirected to the game details page and a success confirmation message will appear to let you know everything went smoothly. You're now ready to go out and adventure with our Updated Dynamic Lighting system!

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